There is nothing better than a “freebie”! As a parent one of your concerns is how to ensure your child is successful in life . Check out the offers below and see how you can help you child achieve their highest possibilities.


“Level Up”

All parents want their child(ren) to be successful in life. Education is one of the main ways for your chid to “level up”.

Let’s talk about how you can support your child beyond what a school provides. How can get your child in a school or program that will help them get into good college? How can ensure your child’s IEP is working? How can you fill in any academic gaps that your child’s school may have.

I love to see families succeed and I can promise you will leave this call with new ideas of how to “level up” your child.


IEP Prep Checklist

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings can make you feel one of three ways: satisfied, angry, or confused.

This checklist provides you with the pieces that will support you in leaving an IEP meeting satisfied since you were an active participant, staff listened to you, and you had documentation beyond your thoughts. Most importantly you will feel empowered and significant.

Your child’s IEP will never be complete without your input since you are your child’s“specialist”.


College Ready

High Schools college prep timeline may have your child losing out on scholarship opportunities.

This checklist will give your child the edge they need to get more money, know which colleges will support them, know which majors they are interested and the drive to know what they need to accomplish in school to get accepted to the college of their chose.

As a parent you get to know your child better while making sure they can go to the college of their chose since they received enough scholarships to cover tuition.