When you're in need of assistance in your journey to get the help you and your child needs, know that you can always count on my services to empower yourself.

Private Coaching Packages

 “Level Up” Mini Package ($297) Special Price: $197

When you have an idea of how you’d like to “level up” your child’s academic life but you’re not sure of how to do it. Topics of discussion : Special Education, Private School, College, School Placements, and improving your child’s academic experience.

  • 60 minute Coaching session - discussing your ideas and working together to create a plan that will work for your family.

  • Academic Plan - detailed plan that get you hitting the floor running towards your goals

  • 15 minute Follow-up call within 15 days - check -in call to provide any additional support

Assessment Package

This package will assist you with requesting a Psycho-educational for your child from the school.

  • Parent Coaching - direct coaching throughout the process including calls to your child school Board of Education, template for test request, and preparation for meetings with the school.

  • Review of Academic Records ( pre-existing 504 plan, diagnostic testing, etc.)

  • Attend School Meetings - providing meeting notes, follow-ups, and recommendations.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

This package will assist you once your child has been tested and you need to meet with the school to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that will effectively improve your child's progress.

  • Parent Coaching- direct coaching throughout the process detailing IEP steps (creation and maintenance) as well as diagnoses specific support that will empower you to support your child at home.

  • IEP Preparation - draft accommodations modifications based on child's report cards and assessment testing to ensure IEP will result faster progress for your child.

  • Attendance of IEP Meeting- provide meetings notes, follow-ups, and recommendations to attain the best IEP for your child.

Maintenance Package

This package will assist you with ensuring your child's IEP is working for them every year when it needs to be updated.

  • Parent Coaching - direct coaching in reviewing your child's current IEP and progress reports; as well as diagnoses specific support that will empower you to support your child at home.

  • Annual/Quarterly IEP Review - review child's current IEP, progress reports, assessments, and new IEP drafts to ensure new IEP goals will either increase or maintain your child's academic progress.

Create Your Own Experience Package

When you know what you want to focus on but you need coaching support on how to get it done. You will receive coaching calls and action plans to get the job done.

  • 3 month Coaching

  • 6 month Coaching

Done-for-You Education Services

Get Into private School Package (6 months)

Do you want your child to go to a private school but don’t know where to start? This package will prepare you and your child for the private school experience. Walking you through the entire process starting from which schools are the best fit for your family.

  • 12 Coaching Calls

  • Academic Assessment

  • Testing Preparation Plan

  • Private School Listing

  • Application Process

  • Financial Aid Process

College Preparatory Plan ( 9 months)

Do you want to support your child with going to college but don’t know how? Most parents wait for their child’s school to start their child’s college journey.  However, most schools start this conversation too late for you and your family to benefit from the scholarships that provide more money, finding the school that’s a perfect fit for your child and optimizing ACT/SAT testing. This package provides everything you and your child needs for them to be successful and prepared .

  • 18 Coaching Calls

  • SAT/ACT Plan

  • Financial Aid Support

  • College Tour Plan

  • College Application Plan

  • College Essay Review

  • Interview Preparation